5 Easy photography tips

Photography is all about capturing what you see in that moment. If you have a good camera, that’s great. But what you really need is good sight and creativity. If you are creative, that’s half of your great picture. Below are 5 easy to follow photography tips to help you get the bold and eyecatching photo people will look at.

Focus on your subject – When shooting a portrait, either inside or outside, take a few steps back, use a longer lens and set the aperture to create a blurry background. This will put the focus on the person, rather than what is going on around them. When the sun is out, shadows can appear very harsh which doesn’t do any favours to a persons face. Using a little bit of flash can sort this problem out.

Remove the clutter – If you are shooting someone’s portrait outside, make sure no trees, plants or buildings are showing up in the background. Otherwise they may end up looking like they have tree branches growing out of their heads… You won’t want that so make sure the backgrounds are clean and calm if you can. If it’s a problem and the backgrounds are crowded, you might want to try shooting from a different angle or set the aperture more open to blur the background even more. It is usually a good idea to have a back up plan and to check out the area that you are going to photograph beforehand.

Bold Color – When you are looking for bold color in your pictures, try using a Polarizer filter on your lens. It’s a small investment but it is well woth it. It filters out all the glare and hazyness that can come from a warm, bright sunny day. Your blues and greens will come out amazing! It works great for landscape pictures as it makes the sky deep blue and the clouds even whiter. The polarizer filter is also great for photographing water, as it filters the glare, you can see right through the water instead of looking at it.

Create Depth – Whether you are shooting a landscape or a city scape, try to include a few people in the shot. This will help the viewer to get an idea as to how big or small the subject of your picture is. Also, it helps the viewer to recognise what they are looking at. It makes your photo a lot more interesting. If you are not really into including people into your photo’s, try looking for a tree or a building. Anything to create a more three-dimensional look. Another way of making your photo look different is to play with any lines you might find in your subject. Play with the well-known 2/3 rule and tilt your camera to get more land or more horizon in your photos.

Try some variety – No matter if you are shooting people, landscapes or cityscapes: no one wants to look at the same picture and same perspective again and again. Try sitting down or climbing onto something to change your perspective on your subject. Try to switch between wide angle shots and details. Try to tell a story to someone and keep it interesting. Make it creative, make it fun !

Renate Boere Photography.


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