Talking Digital Photo Books

Remember taking photos and having to develop the film? Spending ages to sort out the prints you wanted to put in a book. Then having to decide on the sizes and if they would all fit in your album? Spend even more time on having to glue them all there…

Of course it  had it’s charm. It was your project and you could built it the way you wanted it. But the world went digital. And other ways of sharing your pictures with everyone has been made so much easier. You can make digital albums online, post them on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, you name it.

Another way to still make a personalized album that you can take with you, is to find a printing service, create the album you want online, sent it through their software and have it printed and shipped to you.

But which one to choose? There are so many photo album printing companies out there that offer this service, but which ones are the really good ones? This blog is not about me telling you which one you should choose, but rather to invite you to join in and share the one that you like best. Please feel free to leave a reply and share your favorite!

I found a website (click here) that compares a few of the providers…

In my view, they left out a really good one in their comparison, which is I publish all my books in Blurb (from holiday pictures to coffee table books and wedding albums) Their pricing is amazing with regards to some other companies. Shipping (even overseas) is quick and the service is great. If you are looking for a not too expensive way to create a printed album – look them up at their website (click here)

Below is the comparison from


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