Best beaches in the world

Spring only lasted shortly here in The Netherlands as it quickly turned into full on summer. The colors are boosting, the evenings last longer, the terraces are full again and the air is warmer while the people walk slower. As we are getting ready to think about our summer holidays, here are some inspirational best beaches – in no particular order – to dream away on and forget about that day job that you have in another life…

Whitehaven Beach - Queensland Australia



Springtime… Let it Blossom.

Spring is in the air again! The days are slowly getting longer, birds welcome you in the early morning and the first colors are coming back from their wintersleep. The air is still fresh but it is soft and you can smell the change that is on it’s way. In a short while the first warm rays of sunshine will appear through the windows. You will want to be outside and enjoy the sun, the flowers and have a drink on a terrace. In short: it is Spring. And it is time to Blossom.


Photography Legends #4 – Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz (October 2, 1949) started working as a staff photographer in 1970, with the then starting magazine Rolling Stone. In 1973 she became Chief Photographer for the magazine and held the job for over 10 years. Leibovitz worked for the magazine until 1983, and her intimate photographs of celebrities helped define the Rolling Stone look.While working for Rolling Stone, Leibovitz became more aware of the other magazines. Richard Avedon‘s portraits were an important and powerful example in her life. She learned that you can work for magazines and still do your own personal work, which for her was the most important thing.

On December 8, 1980, Leibovitz had a photo shoot with John Lennon for Rolling Stone, promising him that he would make the cover. She had initially tried to get a picture with just Lennon alone, which is what Rolling Stone wanted, but Lennon insisted that both he and Yoko Ono be on the cover. Leibovitz then tried to re-create something like the kissing scene from the Double Fantasy album cover, a picture that she loved. She had John remove his clothes and curl up next to Yoko. Leibovitz recalls, “What is interesting is she said she’d take her top off and I said, ‘Leave everything on’ — not really preconceiving the picture at all. Then he curled up next to her and it was very, very strong. You couldn’t help but feel that she was cold and he looked like he was clinging on to her. I think it was amazing to look at the first Polaroid and they were both very excited. John said, ‘You’ve captured our relationship exactly. Promise me it’ll be on the cover.’ I looked him in the eye and we shook on it.” Leibovitz was the last person to professionally photograph Lennon—he was shot and killed five hours later.

In February 2009, Leibovitz borrowed $15.5 million, having experienced financial challenges in the recent years. She put up as collateral, not only several houses, but the rights to all of her photographs.

Yoko Ono & John Lennon



Butterflies… Who does not love the happy creatures that dance around in the air? Their beautiful colors and shapes. They seem designed to instantly cheer you up and make you smile. Today, i’ve got the Butterflies….

By Renate Boere


2010: The Year in Pictures

January - Port-au-Prince, Haiti after the 7.0 earthquake. By Damon Winter / New York Times


Photography in color: White

Smell the cinnamon and the pine. The hot chocolate with the rum. The winter has officially started. It’s nearly Christmas time and so it is warm inside, but outside it’s cold. The snow comes falling out of the sky and colors our world white. Hence this time for another landscape-photography in color. In -mostly- white this time… It’s Winter Wonderland.

Warm-up tip: a recipe for a truly photogenic white-hot-chocolate recipe to enjoy while you are looking through the pictures. You will be warm in a minute. (Add rum if needed…)

1 1/2 cups (350 ml.) milk
3 ounces (90 grms.) of white chocolate – chopped
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract>
Some like a tablespoon of coffee or espresso powder added
For garnish: cocoa powder (or frosted sugar to keep the white-trend going)
Last but not least, add whipped cream

Happy Holidays!

By: Renate Boere

Photography in color: Blue

By: Renate Boere

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