Sometimes i just sit and i stare
Looking at a photo – And wishing i was there

Being in that place
Looking at that view – Or staring at that face

All the images i took
Places i have seen – They write my little book

The photos that you see
Put into one dimension – They tell the tale of Me

We all have our storybook
You just have to be willing – Prepared to have a look

Renate Boere



I am taking photos in my head

Of people and places I don’t want to forget

Whenever I feel like I need to rewind

I visit those places in my mind

Remembering everywhere I have been

I go back to the places that I have seen

When I have to go and leave you behind

I´ll take the photos with me in my mind

Those who are remembered with color and sound

In frames of the mind they may not be bound

So for those people I love and who played their part

I keep you safely in my heart