Butterflies… Who does not love the happy creatures that dance around in the air? Their beautiful colors and shapes. They seem designed to instantly cheer you up and make you smile. Today, i’ve got the Butterflies….

By Renate Boere



2010: The Year in Pictures

January - Port-au-Prince, Haiti after the 7.0 earthquake. By Damon Winter / New York Times


Photography in color: White

Smell the cinnamon and the pine. The hot chocolate with the rum. The winter has officially started. It’s nearly Christmas time and so it is warm inside, but outside it’s cold. The snow comes falling out of the sky and colors our world white. Hence this time for another landscape-photography in color. In -mostly- white this time… It’s Winter Wonderland.

Warm-up tip: a recipe for a truly photogenic white-hot-chocolate recipe to enjoy while you are looking through the pictures. You will be warm in a minute. (Add rum if needed…)

1 1/2 cups (350 ml.) milk
3 ounces (90 grms.) of white chocolate – chopped
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract>
Some like a tablespoon of coffee or espresso powder added
For garnish: cocoa powder (or frosted sugar to keep the white-trend going)
Last but not least, add whipped cream

Happy Holidays!

By: Renate Boere

Photography in color: Blue

By: Renate Boere


The morning air is crisp and fresh. You can smell the upcoming winter and feel it in your lungs. The sun does come out every now and then, if not hidden behind a large layer of fog. The skies vary from end-of-summer-blue to start-of-winter-grey. Color changes from blue and green to red, yellow and brown. Mushrooms appear, the smell of cinnamon suddenly is appealing again. The parks and forests smell wonderful after one of those thunderstorms. We stay indoors, light the first evening candles and don’t know what to wear: clothes are too warm for winter and too cold for summer… Must mean that Autumn is here. And it gives us a beautiful scenery.

By: Renate Boere



Every season has it’s charm i guess.
I happen too love Spring and Autumn the best – but that’s just me. One reason why is the cool mornings where it cooled off from the day before so it covers up the land with a thick layer of mist. Everything suddenly looks soft and blurry… With the right light and sometimes the help of a little colourboost in photoshop  – Mist is a very nice ingredient for some stunning looking pictures.

By: Frederic Larson




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